Ean has become a popular performer at conscious festivals and ecstatic dances worldwide.   


A passionate dancer himself, Ean wanted to give back to his local Ecstatic Dance by providing his years of DJ experience to that community. It was a perfect fit, and he is now a very popular fixture in dances around America and abroad.  

"Rarely do you find a DJ that is as expressive, technical, and diverse with his music skills behind the decks, as he is as a dancer on the dance floor. Ean Golden is such a person.
Able to switch emotional tones, tempos, rhythms, and genres smoothly and gracefully, Ean is able to bring the Dance Floor from Thoughtful Valleys, to Incredible Peaks, making the Journey a Awe Inspiring one for the Dancer in all of us."
Tyler Blank - Founder, Ecstatic Dance Oakland and San Francisco
"Ean Golden rocked Dance Church Maui for 3 straight hours covering a wide range of EDM genres with flawless mixing and a keen awareness of the crowd that was next level. Our Ohana danced their hearts out and left their sweat dripping on the floor. Many of us commented afterwards that we couldn't remember dancing so hard. Definitely one of our best DJ performances in our 6 years of producing this event. "
Mikaya Swabb - Founder, Dance Church Maui Hawaii


Today, Ean has retired from the club circuit and only plays at conscious events including Ecstatic Dance which are aligned with his personal values. " I absolutely love playing for sober crowds that are fully present, and pushing our emotional dance landscape to the limits " It's not surprising he has become an Ecstatic dance favorite around the world, Ean improvises every show live and blends multiple songs, drum loops and samples together in a magical dance with the crowd that drives the collective energy to exceptional heights of ecstasy.


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