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 Tour Dates


June 20 -  Esalen - Ecstatic Dance (Wed 8pm) 

June 30 -  San Francisco - Beach Yoga Set (Saturday 11AM) 

July 1 -     San Francisco Ecstatic Dance (Sunday 11:00am) 

July 15 -   Los Angeles Ecstatic Dance 

July 17 -   Nevada City Ecstatic Dance (Wed 8pm) 

July 20 -   Northern California Ecstatic Dance Campout

July 27 -   Fairfax Ecstatic Dance - Friday 8pm 

August 1 - Oakland Ecstatic Dance - Wed 8pm 


Ean Golden


A respected DJ and innovator, Ean has redefined electronic music through his inventions, leadership and performances.


Total Views on YouTube

50 million


Number of Dj Products designed



Years Touring 





Ean Golden has long been celebrated as a "DJ's DJ" - a champion of mixing style, technique and knowledge. He began DJing in 1996 and has devoted his life to developing and teaching the craft.  He achieved wide success touring with artists like Richie Hawtin and playing thousands of gigs around the world.

He was among the first to embrace the digital revolution in DJing and pioneered new forms of innovation in his beloved art form. Throughout the past 15 years, he has shared that experience with millions of people around the world, popularizing djing and a creative use of technology.

Along with co-designing some of the most widely used DJ controllers in the world, popularizing the art of "controllerism", and racking up over 50 million YouTube views in the process, Ean built - the world's #1 tech blog covering dance music technology with a mission to inspire and teach the next generation. Very few have so much experience developing and teaching the craft of Djing.


Ean enjoyed a successful international Dj career   

 Montreal, Canada on the CNTRL Tour with Richie Hawtin, Loco Dice and many others. 

Montreal, Canada on the CNTRL Tour with Richie Hawtin, Loco Dice and many others. 

During the course of his 20 year career, Ean had the privilege of touring across the world with a wide range of talented artists in some amazing venues including: 

  • CNTRL TOUR 1 with Richie Hawtin and Loco Dice
  • CNTRL TOUR 2 with Mathew Dear, Matador,
  • ENTER IBIZA (SPACE) - Summer Residency 2015

He has performed around the globe from Warung in Brazil to Watergate in Berlin and frequently blends drum machines, multiple decks and custom loops to create a seamless journey that is completely original and unique every time.  

In 2017 and 2018 Ean has been taking a break from the club circuit and primarily djs at smaller concious parties including Ecstatic Dances and other alternatives to the late night culture. 



Ean changed the world of Dj technology through his designs and innovation. 


Controllers designed for other companies

Native Instruments S4 and S2, Novation Dicer and  Twitch, Vestax VCI-100SE, Vestax VCI-400SE, 


Products designed for Dj techtools

Midi Fighter Pro / 3D / Spectra / Twister

Chroma Cables and Caps 


Djs AND PRODUCERS THAT USE ean's designs 

100,000 or more 

In 2007 no one was creating the gear Ean needed to DJ creatively. So he began hacking together his own equipment, and sharing it with the world through an early YouTube Chanel and   

These inspiring articles and videos galvanized a new generation to pick up the art of djing and demand the same equipment. Ean began collaborations with Vestax, Native Instruments and Novation in which he designed a new generation of midi controllers that helped define what digital djing would look like for years to come. 

In the last 10 years he has designed and shipped over 14 ground breaking dj products that are trusted by many djs and producers around the world every day.




Millions of Djs and fans have watched his Viral YouTube videos.  


2011 - Live Depeche Mode remix (3 million views) 

2010 - PHenomena Remix (4.6 million Views)

2009 - The "Midi Fighter" Mix {400k Views} 


Over 50 million people worldwide have watched one of Ean's 300+ videos online. Many of his performance routines launched wildly successful products and went viral, inspiring DJs around the world to pick up the art of Djing themselves. 

With 250k followers on Youtube, his DJTechTools channel has defined a genre and greatly influenced the music technology industry over the last 10 years. 

Ean was one of the first people to use controllers and Dj technology as an instrument, showing that there is so much more than just mixing two records together. 

These videos popularized and defined the art of controllerism including cue point juggling and FX techniques that are now standard today. His methods have been incorporated into almost all major Dj technology brands including Pioneer, Serato, Native Instruments, and many others.