CNTRL TOURS: In 2012, Richie Hawtin, Loco Dice and Ean Golden embarked on a nationwide tour of the United States joined by many talented dj's and producers including Seth Troxler, Tiga, Kevin Saunderson, Carl Craig and many more. In 2015 Richie and Ean went back on the road again and this time brought along Mathew Dear, Matador, Dubfire and several others for a very successful run that culminated at the Palladium in Hollywood California. 

ENTER ORBIT. In 2014 Ean spent the summer Djing in ENTER @ Space Ibiza. While he was there, he and the Dj TechTools designed a groundbreaking table that allowed club-goers to control the music in one room at Space every night. 

Since 2002 Ean has been one of the leading technologists in the Dj space, lending his experience on stage to groundbreaking designs that have changed the face of the industry including the Novation Dicer, Midi-Fighter, Kontrol S2/S4. Here is a short video that covers many of these developments and the history of Dj, the popular website Ean founded in 2007. 


Ean's work has been featured in numerous publications, videos and magazines around the world including: 

Here is a short selection of his appearances online and in television programs. 


In the mid to late 2000's Ean was focused on pushing the envelope of how far he could take music technology. During that time he published a series of viral videos that popularized the concept of controllerism and launched a new era of djing. Here are some of the most popular which have racked up over 15 million views to date.